Welcome to POW-PAK, the Personal Online Web Page Authoring Kit.  This kit is designed to help you create your own homepage without needing to get into the technical end of it.  Using it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
When you click on the "Edit My Homepage" link below, you will be asked to provide a username and password.  These are what you use when you log in and get your email through the Viking server.  If you do not have a username and password or forgot yours, please contact me as described at the bottom of the page.
When you get to the edit screen, PLEASE make sure it loads up your data (if you have previously used the kit) and not the data of someone else.  If someone else used the computer right before you, their username and password may still be in memory.  If that is the case your can clear it out by closing down your browser (Netscape or IE) and then starting it up again.
While you are editing your homepage you will be given a link to view the results.  Feel free to share this link with others so they can visit your site.  Also, each school will be providing links on their main pages to the homepage of each staff member.

If at any point you have a question or an idea for something that we ought to add to the kit for everyone's benefit please contact me...

Edit My Homepage

Contact me ...
By email   eric@curtsworks.com
By phone 497-5600 extension 377
In person District Office at the High School

POW-PAK is Copyrighted 1999-2006 by Eric Curts, CurtsWorks LLC, owner